I have tried to use CBD in the past but have never had any success with it until a friend told me about the products at Green Dr.. I have fibromyalgia and for the last decade I’ve been really struggling with swelling and arthritic type pain throughout my body. The first *Trifecta gummy that I took didn't taste too good to me and I wondered how I’d be able to take them even if they worked. Well, it did! I was in shock that the swelling had gone down and my overall mood was improved. The next one that I took tasted much better. Perhaps because now I knew how much they would help me.(?) Regardless, I’ve been taking them for about a month now and I feel a LOT like my old self (before the fibro). I’m getting things done!
Enough about me, the ladies that work here are super amazing! They are very nice and easy to speak with. I’m socially inept after being balled up in pain for so long but they made me feel so comfortable that now I call and speak with them as old friends. HAHA! They have been very liberal in their generosity and always include multiple samples with my orders so I can try other products. Honestly, I’ve never dealt with a more customer oriented store before. The customer is still valued here! And that says A LOT these days!
Lea, who works there, has helped me to understand more about the products than I have learned on my own study. I spoke with her recently and told her that the *Trifecta gummies sometimes caused me to be sleepy but that it was magical for my swelling and pain. She’s looking into ways to adjust my dosage to suit me on a more personal level. AMAZING! I didn’t even know that was possible!
If you’re looking for relief from pain or insomnia or stress, well, the list is long, please seek these folks out! SERIOUSLY! I’ve been suffering for so long that I gave up hope that ANYTHING could help me. It’s been only a short time and I’m already hopeful for a promising future once again.

Sandra S.


If i could give 10 stars, I absolutely would! I believe I was helped by the owner, Lea. Right away, I was pleasantly greeted and welcomed in to a quaint little shop with tons of cbd balms, tinctures, merch etc. The shop looked and smelled very neat and clean - decorated just enough without being hokey- and I felt comfortable even though I had no clue about cbd. Lea asked me what I was looking for and I informed her that I was getting ready for a tattoo appointment and my artist recommended I try cbd for pain. She got very excited and showed me all the different tinctures, making sure to teach me about different strengths and dosages. I learned so much! Lea didn't shame me for being ignorant but was very happy to cater to my education and needs. She even offered to make me a custom balm for my next tattoo appointment (with proper notification to allow time to make it) Lea made me feel special by asking about my tattoo and what it means and she seemed very genuine (not at all fake or just trying to sell me a bunch of things). Because i was a first timer, I literally only spent $22 on the tincture and she loaded me up with 6 different free samples to try and even a tincture for my pet who has hip problems! She informed me what each one was for, how they work and how to safely start using them. I wanted to at least leave a tip for the amazing service and she tried very hard to give me my money back! I insisted she take it because all the samples were definitely worth more than the tip and she also owns a small business which we all know is no easy feat in this economy. Lea is a wonderful salesperson and is doing an amazing service to her community. I wish her all the luck in a successful and thriving business! Thank you, Lea!

A.L. G

This store is amazing. I was able to find everything I needed. People who work there were so nice and they helped me to find the exact products I was looking for. I do recommend this store to every one who is looking for CBD products because they have best ones.

John S.


Have yet to visit the shop, but our order online was great! Lots of fun little extras and super quick ship. We will be visiting soon or ordering again. Would suggest their products to any and everyone!

Chrissy S.


They have done nothing but be so sweet so caring and so patient with me the service is incredible the delivery time outstanding and the products are literally life changing I have fibromyalgia cancer recovery pains and after taking their gummies I've not only slept better then I have an ages but my body feels so good I'm even noticed a difference in my bipolar depression, my PTSD , and my night terrors and ,TD,DID , tics and ADHD, even my autism their products are all natural and all locally grown too guys! if you're asking if I would recommend Green Dr. CBD HELL YA! Do it see the change in your life today also stop in an see them tell em patty sent ya much love stay safe y'all

Patty L.