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BLOG on high Potency Full spectrum CBD oil

10,000 mg CBD Oil (and Over) is Necessary Sometimes

When shopping for cannabidiol (CBD) products, one of the biggest considerations is potency. While there's a list of other factors that differentiate one CBD oil from the next brand, the strength is the most notable option as it also affects the price of the product and may determine its overall effectiveness for some users.

CBD or cannabidiol is a natural-based plant chemical extracted from the hemp plant. It's concentrated in the resin speckled on the bud and leaves of the plant. The raw hemp extract is extremely potent, sticky, and difficult to use, which is why it's often combined with other ingredients like hemp oil made from the seeds to make the extract more palatable and easier to dose.

The hemp extract to carrier oil ratio will give you the potency of a given CBD oil—and they can vary from low potency options 100 mg to high potency products over 10000 mg (per 2 oz bottle).

In this article, we'll discuss why you might want to consider a high potency CBD oil tincture, how to figure out your dose, and how to purchase a high-quality CBD oil that's actually worth your money.

Most CBD oil tinctures come in a standard 2 oz bottle (60 mL) that combines hemp extract with a carrier oil like hemp oil. We consider a high potency oil to have at least 40 MG of CBD per mL. This means the entire bottle should contain 2500  MG of CBD or more.

Since CBD may affect everyone differently, what might feel like a potent dose for you, may not feel like much to someone else.

1. Most Research On The Benefits Of CBD Are At High Doses

2. CBD Oil Products Are Cost-Effective At Higher Potencies

Dosing High CBD Oil Tips

Start Low & Go Slow

Use CBD Consistently

Track Your Doses & Monitor How You Feel

Mix With Food & Drinks 

High potency full spectrum CBD oil—especially when you're in the 10000 mg + strength—has a naturally earthy bitter flavor, which is an acquired taste for most people. To make your CBD oil more palatable, you may want to purchase a CBD tincture with natural flavors to mask the bitterness, or you can mix it with food or drinks.

What is Full Spectrum CBD?   

The least processed hemp extract is full spectrum CBD. To preserve as much of the natural cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp crops as possible, meticulous processing is required. CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and up to 0.3% THC can be found in full spectrum CBD oil derived from hemp crops (which is the federal limit).