Collection: Full Spectrum Smokable's

Enjoy the benefits of CBD on the go with discreet, flavorful vapes from Green Dr. CBD. We’re the premier resource for CBD vapes in Walled Lake, MI, offering three different varieties to promote your overall health and wellness.

Vaping Products

Whether you’re at a festival or hanging out with friends, our Delta-8 vapes are perfect for discreet relief wherever you are. As the go-to source for CBD vape cartridges in Walled Lake, MI, we have what you need no matter your mood—from relaxation to motivation.

  • Delta-8 Cartridge - Clementine (820mg):
    Offering the perfect blend of motivation and relaxation, Clementine is an uplifting, feel-good strain that you’ll keep coming back for.
  • Delta-8 Cartridge - Lemon-Haze (820mg):
    Packing tons of citrus flavor and incredible relief, Lemon Haze is sativa-dominant, which means you’ll experience an enjoyable uplifting feeling from every pull. This is one of our best-sellers for everyday use.
  • Delta-8 Cartridge - Strawberry Cough (820mg):
    Enjoy the ultra-relaxing effects of Delta-8 on-the-go with our delicious Strawberry Cough vape.

CBD Pre-rolls

Delta-8 Pre-rolls: Our Delta-8 pre-rolls will help you feel an instant euphoric lift. They provide amazing therapeutic benefits, and pre-rolls deliver the healing properties of Delta-8 into the body much quicker than through other forms.

CBD Flower

Lemon Haze full-spectrum D-8 flower: For those who love the aroma and flavor of natural flower, we offer high-quality Delta-8 Lemon Haze in 1.5-gram packages. It’s a delicious, way to relieve stress and anxiety, giving you a relaxing feeling with no intoxication.

Discreet Relief On-the-Go

Enjoy the benefits of natural relief wherever you are with premium-quality vapes from Green Dr. CBD. Find the right products for you by giving us a call at 248-956-8496. Our various Delta-8 strains are formulated to give you the elevated feeling you’re looking for, leaving anxiety, stress and pain behind you.